Queen Anne Furniture

The Queen Anne Style is named for the English sovereign at the approximate time the style appeared in England.  In the colonies, however, there was a significant time lag before the style took hold.  So, while Queen Anne reigned  from 1702 to 1714, Queen Anne furniture was not made in America until around 1730. 

In many ways the Queen Anne Style was a revolutionary leap in design.  Straight lines and relatively flat surfaces dominated previous styles.  Visual relief came mainly from moldings and turnings, and to a lesser degree, bold but somewhat ponderous carvings.  In stark contrast, with its flowing, curved lines, the Queen Anne Style brought grace and elegance to English furniture.  Cabriole legs on chairs, tables, and stands, the increased use of scalloped aprons on tables and case work, as well as elaborately scalloped looking glass frames exemplify Queen Anne taste.  As in the previous William and Mary Style, walnut continued to be the wood of choice, now displacing oak altogether as a primary wood.  In America this new style is epitomized by dining chairs, the best of which are not only the high point of Queen Anne furniture, but arguably also of chair design in general. 

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